Recreate Your Esty Shop on Shopify in Five Days

Are you an independent maker and tired of fees and other surprises from marketplace platforms? The key to independence is to own the relationship with your customers directly through your own independent site.

Would you like to set up your own independent shop in five days of effort, instead of five months?

This free course will get you going!

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    Morgan Leahy

    Advisor and digital solutions architect

    Who am I?

    I give independent sellers the confidence, calcs and code to build their own successful online shops and grow beyond the "walled garden" of online marketplaces. I work with ecommerce shop owners to achieve independence from platforms and gatekeepers so they can enjoy more of the success they create.

    What will you get?

    • All steps to translate your marketplace shop into an independent ecommerce website
    • One tutorial per email, sent once a week, for five weeks (unless you want the next one sooner!)
    • Understanding the critical under-the-hood capabilities for managing shop performance
    • Pros and cons of various ecommerce platforms to help choose one for the long term (one size does not fit all)
    • Bonus material: building a free ecommerce website